Human Resource Manager…What Is It?

January 10, 2017 - Leah Elms

Human Resource Manager…What Is It?

Leah Elms joined our team as the Human Resources Manager. We asked her a few questions about the position, which is highlighted in this blog.

  • What is your previous experience in HR before coming to Cornerstone?I worked for 7 years at a PEO, which provides outsourced Human Resources (HR) for small to mid-sized companies.
  • What are your responsibilities as Cornerstone’s HR Manager?

Really, I am here to support the employees however they need it! I process the bi-weekly payroll, onboard new employees and facilitate benefits enrollment. I work with our PEO to manage all employee changes, as well as working with our 401(k) provider to help manage our plleah-and-debbiean. It’s my responsibility to track reviews and the changes associated with those. When an employee is injured, I help to make sure they get the treatment needed and the paperwork is taken care of internally as well as with the carrier. I maintain all of the employee files as well as manage the leave process for both
FMLA and our discretionary leave. I participate in the in disciplinary process, when needed. I assist with company-wide policies and procedures. My office is based in Greenwood, but I travel at least once a week to West Lafayette and Columbus to offer support to them as well.

  • What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Feeling like I am making the lives of the employees just a little bit easier. I am amazed every day I come in to work. My coworkers pour everything they have into the lives of their clients! Their jobs are not easy, yet I watch them celebrate each and every milestone in the lives of those entrusted to them. If I can help reduce their pressure or stress about benefits or claims or their pay stubs, how to enroll in their 401(k) or find a dentist – it is the very least I can do! I love being able to listen and come along side these incredible people to help in any way I can!

  • What is a typical day like?

Honestly, I don’t have a typical day – which can be fun and its own challenge. Each day is so different, depending on the needs that present themselves. I have tasks that obviously  have to be accomplished, but those have to get worked in between employee meetings.

  • What is it like to travel among all three centers?

I love it. Each center is unique and special! We want to see a consistency of Cornerstone best-in-class across all of them. It is awesome to see what each employee brings to each center. Theelmsy are so creative. I love getting to know all of them and sharing their great ideas with the other centers!

  • What would you like to share about your own family?

My husband, Loren, and I have been married for 17 years and I don’t think a day goes by that I am not reminded how lucky I am to have him! We have three really great boys – thankfully they take after their Daddy! Kendall is a Junior, Jackson is a freshman and Colin is in 7th grade. We also have a puppy, Baxter, that I can’t decide how I feel about.

  • What has most surprised you about coming to work at Cornerstone?

I think I am surprised at how often I can be amazed at the staff I am surrounded by. I’ve always known I love people, but this position has made me realize that even more. I watch employees demonstrate love and care for children that are not their own. I’ve witnessed them cry and mentally wrestle on how to help these children achieve goals that others never even think about! I see them change lives each and every day – all while carrying their own personal burdens and difficulties. I don’t think many employees can say that… I love working alongside the Leadership and watching them work to be the very best they can be, so they can best support those they lead. Each department has to work together for us to function at our highest capacity and I feel that is a mutual goal! I love being part of the Cornerstone Team!

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January 10, 2017, Leah Elms

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