Your Insurance Advocates

We Help Answer the Hard Questions

Insurance can be frustrating and intimidating. Parents shouldn’t have to be experts in that area in order to secure treatment for their child. Cornerstone takes that burden off the parents’ shoulders and frees them to focus on caring for their child. Our insurance experts navigate Indiana’s mandate of coverage for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) to ensure that families receive the coverage protected under state law.

Cornerstone has an in-house insurance department with experts handling eligibility and authorizations to claims processing. Having specialists on staff allows our families to ask questions about their particular coverage and receive immediate feedback.

You can watch a webinar written by our experts on the topic of Commercial Insurance Terms at this link.

Electronic Billing

Cornerstone utilizes electronic billing, allowing for greater tracking of claims, ease in coordination of benefits between primary and secondary policies and automation of patient statements each month.

Preferred Provider

We are in-network with many commercial insurance plans such as Anthem, United Healthcare and IU Health to name a few. Additionally, one of the things which makes us unique and is a source of tremendous pride is that we were the first ABA provider in the greater Indianapolis area to seek out and become a Medicaid provider. Since 2011 we have been able to serve clients that have Medicaid, allowing these children access to a treatment formerly denied to them. Even though the process was challenging, Cornerstone made the decision early on to be a pioneer in this area.

If you have questions regarding insurance plans, eligibility issues or the enrollment process, please e-mail the client services department at or call 317-888-1557.