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June 3, 2021 - Victoria Oliver, MA, BCBA

How To Help Your Child Functionally Communicate

By Victoria Oliver, MA, BCBA Board Certified Behavior Analyst Many children on the autism spectrum struggle with the ability to communicate in a functional and appropriate manner. Some might utilize words to communicate. Some may… Read More »

June 3, 2021, Victoria Oliver, MA, BCBA

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May 3, 2021 - Morgan Andreanopoulos

Cornerstone Creates Store for Life Skills Practice

By Morgan Andreanopoulos, Marketing Coordinator In May 2020, West Lafayette BCBA Karlee Greives was searching for life skills practice for an 18 year old client. When the pandemic presented challenges with community outings, Karlee began… Read More »

May 3, 2021, Morgan Andreanopoulos

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April 30, 2021 - Morgan Andreanopoulos

Cornerstone Awarded Certificate of Appreciation to Frontline Workers

On April 29th, 2021, The Good Samaritan Project awarded Cornerstone the Certificate of Appreciation to Frontline Workers. Representatives from the project delivered treats for the staff. Cornerstone also received a thank you note and a letter… Read More »

April 30, 2021, Morgan Andreanopoulos

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