Our Services

ABA Therapy: Individualized, 1:1 therapy based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. We work on communication, academics, functional living skills including potty training, feeding issues, social skills, appropriate play skills and transitions to traditional learning environments.

Behavior ConsultationOur BCBAs are available to meet with our families to discuss their child’s progress and any issues they may be having at home or in the community.

Social SkillsWhile social skills are addressed every day in our children’s programs, we also aim special focus at those children who are close to transitioning back to a traditional learning environment and would benefit from more intensive and guided social interaction.

Parent Training: From parent support groups to workshops to all-day conferences, we offer a variety of training opportunities for parent education. Our Training Coordinators and Parent Liaison work hand-in-hand to ensure that parents feel supported and have access to the resources they need.

Insurance: Cornerstone has an in-house insurance department. Our claims processing is never outsourced as many other providers do. Our experts handle everything from the initial intake to authorization to submission of claims and patient statements.