At Cornerstone, we’ve always used technology to the benefit of the children we serve.  Whether we are looking to provide the highest quality therapy, measure progress in real-time and view trends, keep our kids safe, make therapy visible, or create training opportunities, we take every opportunity technology allows.

Ipad01We’re Plugged In
Logging data on paper in a binder is an inefficient way to track progress. Every therapist uses iPads to document and track each child’s daily progress in real time. Our data tracking software allows for more accurate measurement than that of a manual system. Plus, the software enables the clinical staff to spot trends, identify any issues and run a variety of reports that aid to propel a child forward.

Keycard04Safe and Secure
We’ve taken every measure to create facilities that ensure the safety of our children. We equipped our facilities with keycard access panels. Only authorized personnel have a keycard allowing access. Staff members keep their keycard with them throughout the day and must use them even to go in and out to the playground. These same doors would sound an alarm if a child exited a door without permission–a safeguard we have in place for some children where elopement is an issue.

technology-camera-01Say “Cheese!”
High-definition cameras are strategically positioned throughout our clinical spaces. These cameras help in several ways. They help capture magical moments during therapy when a child does something amazing. They serve as a great tool for observation and review of challenging situations. Finally, they provide an opportunity for teachable moments with parents and training with our staff.