Cornerstone Receives Outstanding Employer Partner Award

May 9, 2019 - Angie Charles, Training Coordinator

Cornerstone Receives Outstanding Employer Partner Award

By Angie Charles, MA, BCBA

Cornerstone Autism Center focuses on a team approach; everybody works together to change the lives of those around them. This collaboration is not only apparent between the clients, families, and staff — it is also apparent within our community. In order to maximize those who struggle, embrace those who love and fulfill those who serve, we must reach outside of our walls and into the hearts of others. Sharing what we do and how we do it allows us to inspire others and help change the world around us.

Recently, we have collaborated with the University of Indianapolis (UIndy) and their Professional Edge Center to expand our team, and offer professional interview opportunities to their graduating students. Their goal is to empower students to become competitive, confident and career-ready.  On April 24, 2019, the Professional Edge Center hosted an annual awards event to employers who partnered with UIndy to further the mission of the office, and to students who took advantage of the opportunities throughout the year. Cornerstone was nominated and provided with the 2019 Outstanding Employer Partner award.

Here is what UIndy’s Professional Edge staff had to say about Cornerstone:

“The Outstanding Employer Partner award was given to Cornerstone Autism Center. Cornerstone is a fairly new partner for the Professional Edge Center but it has become a great relationship in a relatively short period of time.  Just about a year ago, Stephanie and Brittany wanted to learn more about ABA Therapy. They reached out to Cornerstone and met Morgan McClellan, Marketing Coordinator for Cornerstone. She was very welcoming and willing to provide a tour to Brittany and Stephanie as well as introducing them to others on the team and answering all their questions. Since then, Cornerstone has come to campus for information tables, utilized Handshake to advertise their positions, and conducted interviews here on campus. We know at least one
graduating senior who is excited to be starting their career with Cornerstone and anticipate many more in the near future. ABA is a great career option that many of our students aren’t aware of, and Cornerstone is helping us educate them about this path. We appreciate having Cornerstone as a partner!”

We are so thankful to work with UIndy, as well as so many other universities and community sites alike! If you are interested in partnering with us, contact us here. If you are interested in joining our team, check out our website and fill out an application today!

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May 9, 2019, Angie Charles, Training Coordinator

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