Cornerstone is Magic Because…

April 6, 2018 - Morgan McClellan

Cornerstone is Magic Because…

Our staff and families are sharing why Cornerstone is a magical place. Share your #magicbecause statement by commenting on this post below.

“Cornerstone is magic to my family because of the people that work there. They are passionate, dedicated, and loving. My son loves going to school there each day, which is the best feeling.” -Natalie Newhouse-Abel

“My clients are magic because they accomplish milestones every day and have the brightest smiles.” – Madison Morris, Greenwood Polk Therapist

“Cornerstone is magic because they first learn my child – and then work hard to figure out how he learns best. Because of this key factor – he is making leaps and bounds. Nearly every single day we are seeing something progress, and I truly feel so beyond blessed to have Cornerstone in our lives ! Everyone there holds a special place in our hearts.”  -Jennifer Sturm

“My job is magic because I get to work with kids and have fun, along with following my passion to help children with special needs succeed.” – Denise Maxie, Edinburgh Therapist

“My co-workers are magic because they’re family. They’re teammates.” – Brittni Rondinelli

“My job is magic because we get to celebrate success every day!” – Hillary Sharp, Greenwood Madison Therapist

“Cornerstone is magic because the company cares so much about our staff and clients — from the Dream Manager program for staff to the loving dedication they show to every client we serve.” – Maddie Mueller, Edinburgh Therapist

“Cornerstone is magic because you helped my son find his voice.  To Joey, Cornerstone is part of his family. There are so many out there without a wonderful place like this, and I consider us to be very very lucky. Thank you.” -Stephanie Wilson

“ABA is magic because even the smallest improvement a child makes can impact their family in a huge way!” – Sarah VanWhy, Greenwood Madison Therapist

“Cornerstone is magic because they are helping my son verbally express his wants and needs! He is always happy to go in the mornings and that makes me feel really comfortable leaving my child in their care. His therapists are always just as excited as we are when he masters something new. It’s like we are all a family and in this together. I cannot imagine a better place for my son to be!” – Emily Galyan

“Cornerstone is magic because my son has found his voice there. He has changed so much in so many ways. His food choices have grown and he tastes new things without hassle. He loves going and he never complains.” -Kendra Rettig

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April 6, 2018, Morgan McClellan

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