Cornerstone Offers Exciting New Benefits to Employees

January 12, 2022 - Morgan Andreanopoulos

Cornerstone Offers Exciting New Benefits to Employees

By Morgan Andreanopoulos, Marketing Coordinator

One of the pillars of Cornerstone’s mission statement is to Fulfill Those Who Serve. Each year, Cornerstone’s leadership works diligently to improve the ways employees feel fulfilled in their careers.

During a meeting with the team, Cornerstone’s HR Manager Leah Elms announced three new benefits that support employees in their goals. As an overview, these benefits help those who are working to become debt free, increase their professional development skills and take care of their pets.

Cornerstone Cares About Employees’ Financial Freedom

Many of Cornerstone’s employees have pursued bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees. In addition, we know student loans can be a major stressor in their lives. This is why we developed our Student Loan Repayment Program.

Full-time employees who have received or are working towards an undergraduate degree can apply for this program.

Core benefits:

  • Eligible after 90 days of employment
  • $50 per paycheck
  • $10,000 lifetime limit
  • Also eligible for tuition reimbursement

“Like most individuals my age, student loans are a known burden,” said Marketing Coordinator Kim Williams. “Feeling as though there is no end in sight can be extremely frustrating. Thanks to Cornerstone Autism Centers’ new Student Loan Repayment Program, I finally see the light at the end of this tunnel! I am now able to add additional funds to my current monthly payment, which will help me pay off this loan faster than I had planned. I couldn’t be more grateful!”

Cornerstone Cares About Employees’ Professional Development

Cornerstone is committed to the continued development of our employees. Therefore, the Professional Development Policy was created to assist employees in maintaining the credentials vital to their job duties.

Core benefits:

  • 2 paid days, annually, for courses/CEUs/Conferences required for current job duty
  • 50% reimbursement for CEUs or certifications up to $350 annually

“Attending annual workshops and conferences within the field of ABA, as well as completing CEUs through a variety of BCBAs and BCBA-Ds, helps to increase my personal skillset,” said BCBA Stephanie and Sign Language Coordinator Dille-Huggins. “These experiences ensure that my clients, their families, and our RBTs are gaining access to the best interventions, training, and services possible. By Cornerstone providing each of us with professional development days, it shows that this is an organization that truly cares about its BCBAs. Cornerstone is committed to supporting our continued growth and development within the field. As a BCBA, I truly feel fulfilled as I continue to serve others!”

Cornerstone Cares About Employees’ Fur Families

A large portion of our staff love animals! They have dogs, cats, lizards, chickens, rabbits, or other pets. We know their pets are like family members to them and deserve quality services at an affordable cost.

In order to help their owners with the cost of doctor visits, surgeries, medications and much more, Cornerstone is excited to offer Pet Insurance Protection from Nationwide.

Core benefits:

  • Paid through payroll deduction
  • Enroll anytime
  • 2 reimbursement levels – 50% and 70%
  • Use the veterinary service you choose, submit claims through easy, online portal

“I was very happy to have the option of pet insurance,” said Client Services Supervisor, Jackie Zlaty. “Since we moved this last time, we were not in range of a Banfield Vet Clinic. Subsequently, the closest one was an hour away. Having the option of other pet insurance solved our problem. You just have to verify a vet in your area and it is pretty easy from there. It is a great help to take care of our furry family member.”

Cornerstone is proud to offer these benefits and fulfill the needs of our dedicated staff.

Interested in joining an amazing company that truly cares about their staff? Inquire about positions available at one of our five locations on under the Careers tab.

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January 12, 2022, Morgan Andreanopoulos

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