June 2023 Newsletter

June Parent Training

Navigating the Transition to School: Understanding IEP Basics

Navigating your child’s transition to school may invoke a slew of emotions from feeling excited and hopeful to a bit nervous and overwhelmed, especially if you are new to the IEP process. Join Cornerstone’s training team as we guide families and caregivers through how this process is started, what to expect leading up to your child’s first case conference, navigating the IEP process itself, and Cornerstone’s role in helping to transition your child and support you through the process. Families and caregivers will also be provided insights into accommodations that may be appropriate for their child to advocate for in the IEP process, as well as other tools to assist in parental advocacy. We look forward to sharing this time and space with you as we navigate this important topic!

You can RSVP by emailing Stephanie Dille-Huggins at sdille@cornerstoneautismcenter.com or by sending the RSVP slip back in from your child’s backpack. We look forward to hearing from you!


Monday, June 19th at 8:45 am
7517 Beechwood Centre Road Suite 200
Avon, Indiana 46123


Friday, June 16th at 8:45 am
3258 West Market Place Drive
Edinburgh, Indiana 46124

West Lafayette

Thursday, June 29th at 8:45 am
3482 McClure Avenue
West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

Greenwood Madison and Polk

Thursday, June 29th at 8:45 am
380 Polk Street
Greenwood, Indiana 46143

Virtual Meetings

Day Session: Thursday, June 22nd at 12:00 pm

Evening Session: Thursday, June 22nd at 8:00 pm

Link sent after RSVP is received

Tawni Doll

Insurance Coordinator

Who or what inspires you?

My son, Victor, inspires me. He was diagnosed with autism in 2021. When he was first diagnosed, he was nonverbal, but in the last year, he has made great progress in speaking and is fast developing new skills. He is truly an inspiration.

What goals have you accomplished since coming to Cornerstone? Or what are some goals that are currently in progress?

One of my main goals when coming to Cornerstone was to completely change my career path so that I could learn new skills and be part of a company that helps to improve the lives of children with autism.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Autism is not a disability, it’s a different ability.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Cornerstone?

To see how children with autism see the world in a different way than we do. When I walk through the center, I enjoy hearing the positive energy from the therapists and how excited the kiddo’s are to be learning and having fun.

What’s your favorite memory so far here at Cornerstone?

Attending the family day at Victory Field and getting to meet the employees and their families from all of the Cornerstone center locations.

Thank you to our staff for Maximizing Those Who Struggle,

Embracing Those Who Love and Fulfilling Those Who Serve.

The June Lineup | Blog Post

It’s June, and summer is here!

Check out our latest blog on making the most in your neck of the woods this June. Everything from rib fests to pool parties and more— there’s something for the whole family. ⁣

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Meet Brett The Graduate!

Welcome one of our newest Cornerstone graduates, Brett! During his time here, he inspired us and is a testament to his hard work and determination. We hope he continues to shine brightly, touching lives and achieving greatness in everything he does!

Please do yourself a favor and read Brett’s success story today and get an inside look at his journey with us at Cornerstone! Read it here!

May Tip Tuesdays | Vlog Post

It’s time for a recap of the incredible Tip Tuesdays we shared last month!

BCBA Kathryn Kintner broke down four tips about Task Analysis & Chaining that you can use to help your child unleash their full potential. From understanding what a task analysis is to advice on working through that task analysis, we go over it all! Check it out!

Top 15 Campfire Songs for Kids!

Looking for fantastic campfire songs to entertain and engage your little ones? Look no further! Check out the YouTube playlist, Top 15 Campfire Songs for Kids, today and start creating unforgettable moments with your child all summer!

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Cornerstone Merchandise Online Store!

Check out our online swag store to find specialty Cornerstone gear! Items will be shipped directly to your home, and ALL proceeds will be donated to the Cornerstone Autism Foundation. The Foundation provides grants and sponsorships to schools and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, and charitable fundraising events that directly serve and benefit children of autism here in Indiana.