Cornerstone Reflections: Becca Shapiro

January 21, 2013 - cornerstoneac

Cornerstone Reflections: Becca Shapiro

This year Cornerstone Autism Center will intern 5 Purdue University students. These undergraduates will learn proper ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy, how to analyze programs and data, and work along side therapists directly helping the children Cornerstone serves, plus much more!

Our first Cornerstone Reflections series showcases Human Services major Becca Shapiro.

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Jarrad: To kick this off Becca, I’d like to know what majors and minors you’re receiving from Purdue?

Becca: Human Services with a minor in Sociology

Jarrad: Did you know when you were a freshman at Purdue that the path to Human Services was going to be “it” for you?

Becca: I knew that Human Services was the field I wanted to be involved in. It’s such a huge degree where you can do a lot of different things with it. I just didn’t know what that was at first! I just knew that I wanted to work with people (more so kids) and that I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. So many people miss out on vital resources and I feel that everyone should have a chance to have that feeling that someone loves them and is there for them through difficult times.

Jarrad: Do you have anyone (Family, friends, etc.) close to you that are on the spectrum?

Becca: No, kind of crazy though because it is so common! I’ve known kids and people on the spectrum, but no one super close to me.

Jarrad: Why did you want to work with children who have autism?

Becca: I had no idea that I’d be interested in this field. Originally, I thought I wanted to do case management or counseling therapy. However, when I read up on Cornerstone I thought, “I like what they are doing!” Then when I interviewed, got my tour, and heard more about it, I absolutely fell in love with the center and everything that they are doing for these kiddos. It’s truly amazing!

Jarrad: What made you choose Cornerstone over other organizations that serve children with autism?

Becca: Honestly, just the way that Cornerstone feels when you’re there. It is such a “homey” environment; everyone is so kind, helpful, and they’re all there for one reason, the kids! I have also listened to other comparisons and let me tell you, it’s a pretty universal opinion that Cornerstone is top notch in serving children with autism.

Jarrad: What are your initial feelings of starting your internship?

Becca: I’m really excited to be here, to learn, and to be a part of it all. Yes, I am nervous and anxious, but who isn’t when they are doing something new? I just keep thinking how much I love what Cornerstone is doing and I know that doing ABA will come naturally to me. There is no other place I’d rather be interning at! So if you’re from Purdue and you’re reading this, and it is something you’d be interested in… DO IT!

Jarrad: When you’re not studying, working, and interning what’s that “go to” thing you’re most likely doing?

Becca: Hanging with my friends or my boyfriend, and most likely eating because I LOVE food. Other than that I love music, so you would almost always find me jamming out to something!


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January 21, 2013, cornerstoneac

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