A Month Of Literacy!

April 7, 2022 - Kim Hogan

A Month Of Literacy!

By Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator, Kim Hogan

From Dr. Seuss to PJ Masks Hero School, our Cornerstone clients have been busy bringing out their inner bookworm. During the month of March, we had a goal to promote several events geared toward literacy. In true Cornerstone fashion, we ensured these events were amusing and engaging for each client. From learning the alphabet to reading their first chapter book, literacy is crucial for any child’s development, including children with autism!


The Suess Is In The House

What better way to kick off a month of literacy than by celebrating the birthday of the one and only Dr. Seuss? On Wednesday, March 2nd, our clients had the opportunity to read as many Dr. Seuss books as they could. Along with the mountains of books available, the clients enjoyed live dramatic readings of various Seuss books performed by some of our Cornerstone staff. You can read more about this fun day on our blog, Hat’s Off to Dr. Seuss! 


It’s Time For Madness

After Dr. Seuss’ birthday, our clients and staff geared up for the first-ever March Book Madness! Structured much like the infamous March Madness brackets, our centers selected eight of the most popular books at their location to compete against one another to see which book would be victorious. Each week, therapists were encouraged to read the books with their clients and vote on their favorite. For three weeks, we had grueling clashes between some incredible stories. While the competition was underway, we followed along and gave live updates from our Cornerstone correspondents.


Every book that took part in this one-of-a-kind event did its best to come out on top. There were many upsets and several Cinderella stories! In the end, five victors arose, one from each center. Staff and clients treasured this unique event that mimicked its real-world counterpart. It proved to be fun and engaging for all who participated! With another March in the books, we will always be able to look back on some extraordinary memories made this year. Stay tuned for next season!



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April 7, 2022, Kim Hogan

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