A Special Thank You To Our Therapists

May 11, 2022 - Marissa Hendrickson

A Special Thank You To Our Therapists

Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Marissa Hendrickson

Therapist Appreciation Week 2022
You are all that & a bag of chips!

The Autism Speaks Organization defines Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapists as “therapists who utilize knowledge of how environmental factors impact behavior to help clients overcome behavioral issues and improve the lives of individuals living with intellectual or developmental disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. ABA Therapists primarily focus on promoting the implementation of skills regarding hygiene, communication, and social cues (Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) | Autism Speaks).”

While that may be a definition of what therapists do, they are so much more than that! For our clients, our therapists are also their friend, helper, and leader during their time at Cornerstone Autism Center.

For the first week of May, we celebrated Therapist Appreciation Week with a different spirit week theme, special treats, and gifts for our therapists each day to show them how much we adore and appreciate their work.

Monday was Pirate Day, and we had some fantastic outfits! It was a pirate’s life for the therapists!

On Tuesday, Scrabble Day, the therapists were encouraged to dress up as something that starts with the same letter as their name or coordinate with friends to spell out a word together!

Wednesday was Battleship Wednesday; each 1st session team worked together to coordinate one group outfit. There was no way we could choose just one favorite. Our staff knocked it out of the park between the beach bums, Pacman, and animal themes!

A Spirit Week For The Ages
Decades Day at Cornerstone.

Each center treated its staff to a yummy lunch, and . Chick-Fil-A was the choice lunch at our Polk location! It wasCornerstone’s pleasure to treat its wonderful therapists to a delicious lunch.

For Thursday, Decades Day was so much fun! Therapists dressed as groovy gals and disco dudes.

Finally, on Friday, to get excited for the Kentucky Derby, we celebrated by wearing Derby attire! The clients loved seeing the silly hats and classy outfits.

One of the many skilled BCBA’s at Cornerstone, Charlotte Williamson, expressed how fun spirit week was, “At Cornerstone, we strive to maximize the lives of the kiddos we serve, but we also aim to fulfill our staff. One of the ways we love to do this is through therapist appreciation/spirit weeks. It is a fun way to create a team environment and express how much we value our staff. I enjoyed seeing the wide variety of participation throughout the week!”

Scrabble Day at Cornerstone West Lafayette.

Thank you to our outstanding therapists who go the extra mile for the clients they serve every day! We appreciate all that you do!




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May 11, 2022, Marissa Hendrickson

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