Zoey’s Story

Where Zoey Started


When Zoey started at Cornerstone, we were struck by her sweet personality and her motivation to learn. She did a wonderful job following instructions and communicating with her therapists but struggled with social interactions with others. Zoey often shook her head “no” when prompted to communicate with peers or other adults. She scored a three out of 15 in social behavior and social play on the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP). In addition, Zoey did a great job transitioning to the bathroom but still needed to demonstrate independent toileting skills.

How Zoey Improved


Zoey acquired many skills during her time at Cornerstone and gained five additional milestone points in the area of social behavior and social play! She developed the ability to request items from peers, engage in play with peers without adult prompting, and respond to mands from peers. Zoey interacted with peers through various activities, including playing with the parachute, using the play structure, and taking turns with the rocket stomper. Seeing her transformation and the close friendships she made at Cornerstone was incredible. Zoey was also on a school schedule and attended a classroom group twice a day to prepare her to transition to a school setting, and she was toilet trained! 

We are proud of Zoey’s accomplishments but will miss her caring personality at Cornerstone. We know she will make new friends and do great things on her latest adventure in a school setting!