Will’s Story

Where Will Started

When Will started in March 2015, he was primarily in level 1 of the VB-MAPP. His therapists were tracking non-compliance as a problem behavior. An example of his non-compliance behavior was during lunchtime when he would not eat and would throw his food.

Will would primarily communicate through scripting from movies and TV shows. He also preferred independent play to socializing with peers.

How Will Improved

Will no longer throws his food during lunchtime. He has learned to eat a variety of foods, including carrots and sweet peppers. Will is able to successfully take several dietary supplements each day without problem behaviors!

He also has made friends at Cornerstone and enjoys socializing. Once his therapists introduced more social goals in the VB-MAPP, Will started showing interest in peers. He enjoys playing chase and jumping on the trampoline with his friends.

Not only has he grown socially, his communication has also improved. This has helped him be able to have conversations with his peers. His scripting behaviors have decreased and his language is growing. He is known around the center to be very hilarious and a social butterfly.

“Will is full of energy and his smile is contagious,” said Kelsey Endres, Will’s team lead. “He is such a bright young boy who touches the lives of everyone who gets to know him.”