Tito’s Story

Where Tito Started

When Tito started therapy at Cornerstone in September 2014 at two years old, he had 8 out of the 170 milestones in the VB-MAPP Assessment.

Tito was unable to communicate his wants and needs — instead he used maladaptive behaviors as his language and communication skills. He showed little interest in others and struggled with eye contact and engagement with typical toys.

How Tito Improved

Tito first started learning and communicating through American Sign Language. Slowly, he started increasing his vocal communication to express his wants and needs. Over the course of five years with Cornerstone, Tito learned new skills and developed many relationships with those around him. He has blown us away with his knowledge of cars, letters and his love for cleaning.

“It has been amazing to watch Tito grow from a small child with limited communication and very few interests in others, to a bright young man with such a comical personality and a variety of friends,” said Board Certified Behavior Analyst Angie Robbins. “The attention to detail he has for cars and blocks is amazing. He makes everyone smile and is such a joy to be around!”

Tito graduated in November 2019 with 125.5 VB-MAPP Milestones and numerous points from the AFLS assessment. Prior to graduating, Tito was able to speak in full sentences, read, write, and would consistently seek out peers to play with him on his own.

We are so excited to hear about the amazing things Tito does at his new school. He is going to have so much fun!

Watch Tito’s Graduation Video Here: