Sora’s Story

Where Sora Started


When Sora first started ABA therapy at Cornerstone Autism Center in July 2016. In the beginning, everyone immediately fell in love with his sassy personality! Sora is Deaf and uses American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate. When he started at Cornerstone, Sora scored 14 out of 170 milestones from the (Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment Placement Program (VB-MAPP). He could not request his wants and needs and often pulled mom towards the things he wanted.

How Sora Improved


Sora is the second deaf client to graduate from Cornerstone and transition to school! Sora is graduating from Cornerstone with 157 milestones across the VB-MAPP assessment! Sora has developed the skills to ask for the items and activities he wants using complete sentences in ASL and has increased his interaction with his friends! While at Cornerstone, he mastered over 7,000 targets, including working on different programs to teach him more about Deaf culture and the community! We will all miss him but are so excited for Sora to start school and know he will do big things!