Orin’s Story

Where Orin Started

When Orin started at Cornerstone, he was engaging in both elopement and non-compliant behaviors, lasting upwards of 45 minutes. When Orin heard loud noises from peers, he would instantly attempt to run towards them and away from his therapist. Orin started on level two of the VB-MAPP and only worked for one minute before needing a form of reinforcement.

How Orin Improved

By the time Orin graduated, he had completed 157 out of 170 goals on the Verbal Behavior Assessment (VB-MAPP) and mastered a number of life skills from the AFLS assessment, such as doing the laundry, washing dishes, as well as a number of grooming skills to help him be more independent at home.

Orin learned how to use functional communication to gain attention from his peers and no longer ran away from his therapist. Orin rarely engaged in non-compliance and when he did the behaviors only lasted an average of 3 to 5 minutes. Orin was able to work for 10 minutes sessions without needing reinforcement and worked independently in social and group settings.

“We wanted to share our thanks to everyone at Cornerstone for the wonderful experience Orin had there,” said one of Orin’s parents. “You guys are amazing!”

“Orin was able to accomplish so much at Cornerstone in the time that he was here,” said Team Lead Jake Paquette. “I was able to watch Orin grow, learn, and truly form friendships with peers around him. I am so excited for him, and I am looking forward to hearing how he’s doing at his new school.”