Noah & Krystofur’s Story

Where Noah & Krystofur Started
The brothers arrived at Cornerstone last October after being kicked out of school for behavioral issues. Both boys were very resistant at first and spent several hours each day in tantrums and noncompliance. Noah and Krystofur had limited social skills and shied away from their peers.

How They Have Improved
Today, they have several friends around the center, actively participate in group settings with no behavioral issues, and interact appropriately with their therapist. Noah is able to carry a conversation on different topics such as science projects and other topics of interest. Krystofur is able to negotiate with his friends about what reinforcement they will engage in after his social group. He is able to be flexible and recognize social cues such as frustration of his peers and change his plans to accommodate the wants of others. Both Noah and Krystofur complete homework daily and bring it back to Cornerstone as well. They have exhibited school readiness skills for the past few months, and we wish them the best of luck in 1st and 2nd grade in August!