Lana’s Story

Where Lana Started

Lana began therapy at Cornerstone in July of 2017 when she was only 8 years old. She is now 13 years old and has grown so much! When Lana began attending the center, she had only mastered 30 of the 170 Milestone skills on the VB-MAPP Assessment. She wore noise-cancelling headphones every day and avoided crowded rooms. She received reinforcement after completing an average of 3 tasks. She had very few functional mands and was not able to functionally communicate her wants and needs.

How Lana Improved

Lana is now able to mand for her wants and needs in complete sentences. Throughout her time at Cornerstone, she has mastered 160.5 of the 170 Milestones skills on the VB-MAPP Assessment. She is able to complete self-help and daily living skills such as washing dishes and using the restroom independently. She currently works on tasks for an average of 12 minutes before reinforcement.

“We are incredibly proud of Lana and very excited to watch her blossom at school,” said Shelby Foster, Team Lead and MA.