Korben’s Story

Where Korben  Started

When Korben began his journey at Cornerstone in September 2018, he had 30 out of the 170 measurable milestones across the Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP).  When he first began Korben had a difficult time expressing his wants and needs, preferred to be by himself, and had little interest in other peers. Over the last almost three years of treatment, Korben worked diligently to greatly expanded his ability to communicate with his parents, therapists, and peers and is now speaking using full sentences on his own.  Korben loves interacting with peers and enjoys having conversations with the friends he has made while playing on the playground!

How Korben Improved

During Korben’s time at Cornerstone, he tried different foods and can now tolerate eating chicken nuggets during mealtime! Korben successfully transitioned into Cornerstone’s classroom group with peers and worked on school readiness skills from the AFLS assessment.  Korben officially graduated from Cornerstone in August and completed all 170 milestones across the VB-MAPP Assessment. We are so proud of Korben’s hard work at Cornerstone and are excited to hear about all the great things we know he will do at school! Congrats Korben!