Jacob’s Story

Where Jacob Started

Jacob started at Cornerstone in 2015 and demonstrated 8 milestone skills on level 1 of the VBMAPP assessment. Since then, Jacob has mastered 4,213 targets from the VBMAPP and the AFLS assessment and demonstrates 100 of the 170 milestone skills on the VBMAPP across levels 1, 2, and 3. When Jacob started at Cornerstone, he would vocalize sounds but did not use functional words or point to objects to indicate his wants and needs. He preferred mouthing objects over functional play and did not respond to his name or display eye contact. Jacob displayed several sensory aversions and refused to walk on concrete, grass, or certain carpet textures. He did not like having his face touched and did not willingly allow his teeth to be brushed.

How Jacob Improved

Now, Jacob will look you directly in the eye and tell you exactly what he wants in complete sentences. He engages in functional play with the train table and makes 3D models of street signs and buildings. He responds to his name consistently, and while he still doesn’t enjoy toothbrushing, he will brush his teeth for 2 minutes when prompted. Jacob now loves taking walks and wagon rides outside and specifically asks to walk through the grass! He has grown so much during his time at Cornerstone and has done so well going half-days at Earhart. He always talks about Earhart, and we are excited to watch his journey continue at school.

We will miss you, Jacob, but know that you will continue to learn and grow, and we are so proud of you!