Jace’s Story

Where Jace Started

Jace and his family started their journey with Cornerstone Autism Center back in the summer of 2015. When Jace first started back in 2015, he had no consistent manding skills. He would engage in tantrum behavior multiple times per day, for extended periods of time, when he was presented with demands or to gain access to the things that he wanted. Jace emitted some sounds but had no functional language skills. At the time, Jace would eat only a handful of foods and would only drink Mountain Dew.  Jace needed a desensitization program to even put his glasses on his face.

Upon starting at Cornerstone, Jace was presenting with only 11 out of the 170 milestones on the VB-MAPP. He struggled to respond to his name or to follow simple directions. He was unable to tact objects or imitate any actions or sounds. Due to his limited vocal abilities, Jace started communicating using American Sign Language, eventually transitioning to using vocal approximations.

How Jace  Improved

Jace graduated from Cornerstone Autism Center on July 24th, 2020 and will be transitioning into a 2nd grade classroom at a nearby elementary school. Jace completed 146 out of the 170 potential milestones within the VB-MAPP. In addition to this, Jace completed many targets across the Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) to prepare him for a transition into a school setting. Jace is now able to frequently express his wants and needs on his own using multiple word sentences. Jace will now engage in conversations with his family, friends, and therapists. Jace can name and label objects using multiple parts of speech and complete sentences now. He will also respond to a variety of different directions in the natural environment. Jace has gained the ability to read and write multiple words, as well as complete basic math and counting skills. Jace will wear his glasses throughout the whole day and has conquered going to the dentist! Jace is also able to complete a multitude of self-care skills, including independently dressing himself, brushing his teeth, washing his face, combing his hair, and cleaning his glasses. Jace has expanded his food and drink repertoire and will now consume a variety of different foods and drinks!

“We are so proud of Jace and all he has accomplished,” said Ashley Willey, MA, BCBA. “His sweet smile and infectious laugh will certainly be missed around Cornerstone!”