Gus’ Story

Where Gus Started

Gus started at Cornerstone in 2016, when he was three years old. Everyone quickly fell in love with his contagious laugh and energy! In the beginning, most of his vocalizations mimicked scenes from movies and shows, and he rarely requested the things he wanted independently. Often, when Gus struggled to express his wants and needs, it would lead to challenging behaviors that affected his growth and learning.

How Gus Has Improved

Now, Gus is ten years old and has grown so much! He has gained many communication skills and spontaneously asks questions for others’ attention. Gus worked hard in the classroom and with other peers, which prepared him for school after Cornerstone! He also learned to follow a visual schedule and stay on task for extended periods of time without engaging in disruptive behaviors. 


Everyone here will miss Gus’ big personality, but we are very proud of his hard work! We are so excited about Gus’ journey to school!