Cristopher’s Story

Where Cris Started

When Cris came to Cornerstone, he had significant deficits in use of functional speech and social interactions with peers. His language largely consisted of scripted speech from sources he heard or from videos or TV and it was difficult to understand what he was saying. He could not respond to simple instructions given to him. He also was only able to communicate his needs to others by bringing the desired item to an adult or by taking the adult to the desired item.

Cris did make eye contact with nearby peers and engaged in brief parallel play. His attention to a task was fleeting, and he was often distracted by engaging in high rates of self-stimulatory behavior or by being overly-focused on other stimuli in his environment. He also engaged in tantrum behavior when he was denied access to preferred or desired items. The restroom was a highly aversive location for Cris, and his therapists would have to change him in another room away from the restroom.

How Cris Has Improved

In three short months, Cris has improved his language skills. He is able to verbally request desired items or activities, often with two word phrases, and his speech is much more intelligible. He is very social and has made several friends here at the center! He participates in social play and group activities, and he will also initiate interactions with his peers. Cris is able to attend to a task for a longer period of time, and he can sit and work with his therapist for up to two minutes before taking a break. Cris is able to go into the restroom without issue, and he is now potty trained. Tantrum behavior has significantly decreased during his time at Cornerstone as well. These are wonderful accomplishments, and we are excited to continue to watch him grow!