CeCe’s Story

Where CeCe Started


Cece started therapy at Cornerstone Autism Center in June of 2018, when she was four years old. During her initial assessment, Cece demonstrated 17 out of 170 milestone points from the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP). She loved to sing songs and had tons of language when singing and playing but struggled to request her wants and needs to those around her. Alternatively, she expressed herself through self-injury and tantrums when trying to communicate, making it difficult for her to learn and grow. She worked hard on pointing to items of interest and then echoed her therapists when they prompted the correct word to increase her language repertoire and communication skills.

How CeCe Improved


Cece concluded her time at Cornerstone, in July of 2022 achieving 165.5 out of 170 milestones! She gained the ability to express her wants and needs independently and functionally express her feelings. She also started working on the introductory school skills section of the Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) and completed 35% of the entire assessment in just a few short months. She gained the ability to work independently for up to five minutes and would participate with peers in activities for up to 20 minutes with minimal assistance from her therapists. She also gained an interest in her peers and would seek them out during social time to dance and play games like duck-duck-goose.

“Cece has grown tremendously during her time at Cornerstone. We are going to miss her sweet personality very much. We know she is going to do great things.” BCBA, Charlotte Williamson