Carlo’s Story

Where Carlo Started

Carlo started at Cornerstone in January of 2018. When he first started therapy, his parents indicated that his conversational skills were very limited. Carlo had several maladaptive behaviors that inhibited his ability to interact with the world around him. This included scripting behaviors as well as eloping from his therapists.

Carlo required verbal prompts to initiate conversations with peers. He was only motivated by trains, so he was often found by the train set at Cornerstone.

How Carlo Improved

Over the year Carlo spent at Cornerstone, he learned how to share with his peers, he worked on handwriting, spent time on math worksheets and completed many puzzles. Carlo worked hard in speech and daily living skills; he flew through these programs with flying colors. He completed 2,076 target programs within the year. By the time he graduated, Carlo spontaneously approached and interacted with his peers. He would ask his peers what they would want to do rather than only taking interest in trains.

Carlo went from frequently scripting throughout sessions to almost no scripting behaviors at all. His elopement also improved from consistently eloping from his therapists to zero occurrences by the time he graduated.

“The most remarkable part of this is that it doesn’t even touch how wonderful and sweet of a person Carlo is,” said therapist Rachel Wallace, who worked with Carlo for six months. “He is always there for those around him with his kind, laid-back personality. He is always ready to cuddle with those he feels close to and play chase or race with friends and therapists alike.”

Carlo was the first client Rachel has had the honor of seeing blossom from his first day of therapy to his graduation. Carlo will be missed by Rachel and everyone at Cornerstone. We are all so proud and know Carlo will go on to accomplish great things!

Watch some of Carlo’s graduation by clicking this link.