Brazen’s Story

Where Brazen Started

When Brazen first started at Cornerstone, he had very few mands, and he exhibited aggression, property destruction, noncompliance and elopement on a regular basis.  He also displayed instances of noncompliance that averaged 28 ½ minutes per occurrence.  Brazen needed a lot of prompting to complete daily living tasks, including dressing, hand washing and toothbrushing. He would only eat a limited variety of foods.  Social interactions were difficult for Brazen, and he often displayed several instances of noncompliance each day over saying “Hi” to adults and peers. Brazen was unable to hold a conversation with peers, and he often would not use appropriate and kind language with peers without a lot of redirection and prompting.

How Brazen Improved

By the time Brazen graduated from Cornerstone, he was a social butterfly, made several good friends, and was able to hold great conversations with both adults and peers. This included having appropriate eye contact, greetings and endings to his conversations!  He learned how to independently complete various daily living tasks, such as getting dressed on his own, brushing his teeth and washing his hands. He also began to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables and main dish options during meal time.  All of his target behaviors decreased exponentially, and he was able to use appropriate language to communicate his wants and needs instead of resorting to inappropriate behavior.  When he graduated, he displayed an average of less than 1 instance of noncompliance a day, with an average duration of 4 minutes, 4 seconds, per occurrence.

“We will miss Brazen’s bright and energetic personality.  He is such a sweet boy, a hard worker, and is incredibly creative.  Although we will miss him a lot, we are so excited for what the future holds for him,” said Kelsey Endres, clinical coordinator and BCaBA.