Braydon’s Story

Where Braydon Started

Braydon has been at Cornerstone since February of 2018. Over the last four years, he has grown and developed new skills. Some areas he improved in were communication, coping, and daily living skills. When he started therapy, he had limited verbal communication skills and would engage in high rates of repeating what was said to him. He would struggle to get dressed correctly and could not brush his teeth independently.

How Braydon Improved

Now, Braydon has mastered 4,332 targets since he has been at Cornerstone. He talks in full sentences, initiates conversations with peers, puts clothing items on facing the correct way, and tolerates brushing his teeth independently for up to one minute. In January, Braydon began 5th grade at his new school. All of us at Cornerstone wish him the best as he continues to grow in his new journey.