Brandon’s Story

Where Brandon Started

When Brandon began therapy at Cornerstone, he would point to items he wanted, or use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate. Brandon came in with elopement, physical aggression, and tantrum behavior. Over time, his therapists began working with him on building his communication through vocal approximations. Social skills were difficult for Brandon as well, as he had minimal eye contact and difficulty interacting with peers.

How Brandon Improved

Since beginning at Cornerstone in July 2016, Brandon has made gains across all areas of the VB-MAPP assessment and AFLS. From the VB-MAPP assessment, Brandon gained 150.5 milestone skills out of the 170.

Now, Brandon is manding for items using three or more words and using individual’s names to gain their attention appropriately.

Brandon is able to write his own name, count to 100, write numbers and letters, and has began to read short passages. Brandon has successfully completed toilet training at Cornerstone and can independently complete his lunch time routine of sitting at lunch appropriately and using a napkin, plate, and utensil as needed.

“We are so proud of Brandon and all he has accomplished here at Cornerstone,” said Caroline Bowman, MA, BCBA.

“We will miss Brandon dearly and can’t wait to hear about the amazing things he does in the future,” said Hayley Hardin, Team Lead.

Brandon Graduates!