Ana’s Story

Where Ana Started


Ana started at Cornerstone on January 15th of, 2018, and it is absolutely amazing to see the progress that she has made in the past five years! Ana had her initial assessment when she was two years old, and her parents reported concerns about tantrums, dropping, noncompliance, and elopement. She did not engage in any spontaneous language, nor did she point to indicate what she wanted. Ana did not use utensils when eating and could not put on her shoes. She had trouble transitioning from her mother and did not play with toys functionally during her initial assessment.

How Ana Improved


Ana has completed countless programs and goals on the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment Placement Program (VB-MAPP). She has also flourished in life skill areas such as eating meals at school, core academics, and common knowledge. Ana used a speech device for some time but, in the past year, has transitioned to communicating primarily with vocal speech. She can now ask for what she wants in complete sentences, including playing with friends and, most importantly, singing!
Ana has blossomed during her time here and has recently been sitting in a classroom setting and working on group instruction and early academic skills to prepare her for the transition to school.

We are so excited to see Ana grow and learn at school, and we wish her all the best!