Ameer’s Story

Where Ameer Started
Ameer started therapy at Cornerstone in September 2014. He exhibited frequent instances of non-compliance that lasted an average of 2 minutes long. He would frequently engage in tantrums and elopement to escape demands. He had a difficult time eating any food besides ramen noodles. He struggled with extreme distractibility and hyperactivity. He had difficulty focusing on tasks and as a result had very limited social interactions.

How Ameer Improved

Ameer is now able to focus on programming for 20 minutes at a time without exhibiting problem behaviors. He frequently asks peers to jump and swing with him. After implementing a food desensitization program, he is eating a variety of foods including cucumbers and other vegetables and hot dogs without any non-compliance. Ameer sits at a lunch table with his friends and asks them questions about what they are eating and how their day is going.

“Working with Ameer has been fun,” said therapist Katelyn Haskell. “He’s a super smart kid who continues to progress in social and academic skills. His ability to focus on programming is outstanding. He’s such a joy to work with everyday.”