Allan’s Story

Where Allan Started

When Allan started at Cornerstone in August of 2018, he worked primarily within Level 1 of the VB-MAPP assessment. He engaged in several behaviors that were targeted for reduction, including scripting, noncompliance, and mouthing. For example, he could not tie his shoes or brush his teeth independently. Allan also struggled with conversational skills and would only use a few words at a time to communicate. 

How Allan Improved

By graduation, Allan was primarily in Level 3 of the VB-MAPP, the highest level! He also had ZERO behaviors targeted for reduction! Allan had been sitting in an advanced classroom setting at Cornerstone since August of 2021. He worked on skills such as independently completing worksheets, raising his hand, and sitting in his chair for 30-minute tabletop activities with peers. In addition to this, Allan worked on daily living and self-help skills in technology, clothing and laundry, dishes, and housekeeping and chores! 

One thing that has been consistent with Allan since he started therapy is his smile, laugh, and positive attitude. Allan’s happy, upbeat, polite personality has been an absolute delight to have, and we know that will contribute to his success in the school environment! We are so proud of all that Allan has learned during his time at Cornerstone.