October 2020 Newsletter

Fall is here! Most of us enjoy this changing season as it brings cooler weather and the promise of family time in the upcoming holidays. However, the holidays also mean a change in routine, which can be challenging for individuals with autism.

Halloween, in particular, can be full of different sensory experiences from new or possibly uncomfortable clothing to the loud or scary decorations. Here are some tricks and treats to remember when preparing your child for Halloween. Read our full blog, written by BCBA Maddie Mueller, at this link.

ALL CENTERS, October 30th  Please send a costume with your child if you would like for him or her to participate in the Halloween parade at the end of the therapy day. The therapist will help your child change into their costume in the afternoon. This event is for staff and clients only.

November 26 & 27  All centers closed for the Thanksgiving holiday

Webinars Blog  Webinars are online workshops available from a variety of organizations. They can cover many different topics, including financial resources, behavior, transition to adulthood, social skills, and new research findings. Click here to learn more about webinars on our latest blog, and to view a list of key state and national organizations that provide webinars to families.

People with Autism may wander away from safe areas, leading to dangerous situations. Fortunately, there are many resources available to families to help them create a safety plan for their child. Learn more on our blog by clicking here.

Thank you to these staff members for Maximizing Those Who Struggle, Embracing Those Who Love and Fulfilling Those Who Serve.

Kenzie, Team Lead  Since being at Cornerstone, I have made lifelong friends, gotten married, bought a house, convinced my husband to finally let me get a cat, moved into a Team Lead position, and started graduate school at Purdue University–with the ultimate goal of sitting for my board exam to become a BCBA. In my free time, I love hanging out with my animals, a 130 lb. dog, Lambeau and a kitten, Curly, and enjoying life to the fullest by going on kayaking adventures with my pals Jazmin, Hayley, and Karlee, all of whom I met because of Cornerstone.

My favorite thing about working at Cornerstone is getting to work with my best friends. The people I work with have the best hearts and pour their souls into this job. I am in constant awe of their effort and passion for what they do. And as cliché as it sounds, one of my biggest sources for inspiration are the kiddos we get to work with every day. I admire their persistence, continuous energy, and ability to see the good in everyone. They make me smile at least 90,000 times a day. They are so full of life and their personalities shine in everything they do. I love being able to be a part of their lives and making an impact not only for them, but their families as well.

Stephen Bohney, therapist   In my free-time while balancing work, school and home responsibilities, I really enjoy hiking and camping. Most recently, my wife and I took a trip to hike in Acadia National Park in Maine.

My biggest dream I have accomplished while working at Cornerstone was getting married to my beautiful wife. Currently, I am working as a graduate student to achieve another dream of becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

In my free time, I enjoy fixing up and renovating my home.

The abilities God has blessed me with has helped me grow in this rewarding field. He made me to be patient and also blessed me with a love for working with children.

Madeline, therapist  Some goals I’ve accomplished since coming to Cornerstone include moving to a better place, reading at least one book a month, and working on being more involved in peoples’ lives by checking in on them. I’m also working on volunteering more.

Having a great support system allows me to be a better person. My parents inspire me to be the change, my siblings inspire me to branch out, and my friends inspire me to never give up and to be me. Two of my favorite quotes are “When they go low, we go high” by Michelle Obama, and “Always stay hungry and humble.”

My favorite thing about working with children with autism is seeing all of the amazing and brilliant things they can do and achieve. They have such bright and unique minds, and it is beautiful. It’s all about the little victories and I love it. My favorite memory at Cornerstone so far was having my client graduate. He made such an impact on my life. He made work not seem like work, and seeing him succeed was such an experience.

Rock Painting Craft  | Kids can enjoy this fun Halloween craft which is also a great way to practice fine motor skills! Draw designs on paper, find rocks from your yard that match the shapes you need, and then use outdoor paint to create your final products! When finished, display them by your front door or around the house as part of your Halloween decor. Visit multiplesandmore.com to see pictures of the activity and for more ideas.

Autism Community Connection | ACC has partnered with two local counseling centers. ACC will help fund the cost of several counseling sessions for individuals with autism or family members affected by autism. Trained therapists specializing in autism strive to help individuals and families through difficult parts of the autism journey.  Vist autismcc-in.org for more information.

Zane began therapy at Cornerstone in March of 2018. When he started, Zane struggled with transitions between activities, had limited attending skills, and was unable to follow multi-step instructions. After beginning Cornerstone, Zane quickly completed all VB-MAPP goals and began working on functional living skills. He focused on his conversational skills and began answering and asking WH questions. “It was amazing to watch Zane’s progress over the last few years at Cornerstone. I am very proud of all of his hard work!” Read Zane’s full success story at this link.



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