March 2021 Newsletter


Cornerstone Expands Reach
and Opens in Avon, IN

In recent years, the West side of Indianapolis has bustled with excitement as new improvements in the town of Avon have emerged. Rockville Road is the central thoroughfare in the popular area with many businesses, shops and dining options. As Cornerstone has continued to maximize the lives of children living with autism, it was only natural to continue to expand the footprint of our centers by offering our services to more families in need of them. As our staff have fulfilled their dreams of becoming Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) we have aimed to create even more leadership opportunities within our organization. Read the full blog about our Avon center opening and meet several of our team members at this link.

St. Patrick’s Day Video

Kim is back just in time for some St. Patrick’s DayTrivia, Jokes, Riddles and Rhymes! She has an episode for the upcoming holiday that you won’t want to miss.

Kim puts our staff to the test on their knowledge of this holiday, and she sprinkles in a few jokes as well. View the full video by clicking here.

Thank you to these staff members for Maximizing Those Who Struggle, Embracing Those Who Love and Fulfilling Those Who Serve.

Aaron Hosea, MA, BCaBA
Since I started at Cornerstone in 2017, I passed the BCaBA exam and am currently pursuing my Masters. I will take the BCBA exam in 2022. My wife and I are also about to adopt our two foster daughters.

I enjoy home improvement projects and woodworking. It’s very therapeutic to be able to say that I’ve fixed something or to build something from scratch. I learn a lot from my father-in-law who is a contractor.

My favorite place to be is an outdoor patio on a warm day with my best friends. Taking in fresh air, enjoying great food and just relaxing is great.

Since I primarily work with teens and adolescents, seeing them develop life skills that they will take with them after Cornerstone brings me so much joy. Watching a client learn how to manage a daily schedule on their own or being able to independently complete hygiene routines without adult prompts is a huge step towards independence!

Heather Hammonds, MA, BCBA
In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, hiking, watching Netflix, trying new restaurants, baking, completing Escape Rooms, and traveling to new states or countries with my boyfriend. Cornerstone will always hold such a special place in my heart because they not only helped me to discover my passion of working in the field of ABA, but they also helped me to accomplish my goal of completing a Master’s Degree in ABA and achieving my dream of becoming a BCBA!

Working with children with autism and being able to see their progress as they work to master new skills is what I truly love about working at Cornerstone Autism Center. There is no better feeling than to see the pure joy in a client’s face when they master a skill they have been working on for weeks, and sometimes even months. It is truly an honor to get to work with these amazing children everyday and to get to be apart of their journey!

Elizabeth Sims, Therapist
My family inspires me because we are always there for each other. We are always trying to push each other to do more — to better ourselves. They keep me going and wanting to do better.

Some non-work related goals I have achieved are closing the three rings on apple watch for 10 times in 1 month, traveling to two states in one year and not drinking soda.

My favorite saying is, “Progress over perfection.” It can go towards anything in life. When I’m working out — I’m thinking about progress over perfection. When I’m at work — I continue making progress over perfection.

I love seeing the progress the clients at Cornerstone make. We are with them for so many months, and to see where they are at when it comes time for them to change therapists is amazing.

Hayden’s Success Story
Hayden joined the Cornerstone family at 4 years old in September of 2011. From the time he started ABA therapy to now, he has made drastic improvements across various milestones.

Hayden is now 14 years old and has gained independence in so many areas of his life. Hayden’s programming over the last several years has focused on helping him to gain autonomy in his every day life.

“Hayden has grown into an independent, kind, funny, and sweet young man who will be greatly missed around Cornerstone,” said Ashley Willey, MA, BCBA. “We are so proud of Hayden and all his hard work during his time with us!” Read his full success story on our website here.

Watch our Avon Center Virtual Tour:

ARI Webinars
 | The Autism Research Institute offers online webinars on many different topics that could help your family. You can register for any of their upcoming webinars online by clicking here.

To Learn more about what a webinar is, read our blog here.



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