December 2021 Newsletter

December 24-31 | Cornerstone Closed

Our centers will be closed for Christmas on these dates. We hope everyone enjoys the extra time spent with loved ones!

December 5th, 9am-11am | Urban Air Sensory Friendly Event in Franklin

Join Autism Community Connection for a Sensory Friendly Jump! This is a special time where we turn off the music, turn off the flashing lights and provide a fun and quiet atmosphere for children with special needs! Only $13 per person.This event is the first Sunday of every month from 9:00am to 11:00am. Learn more here.


Applied Behavior Solutions Toy Drive

As the Financial Controller at Applied Composites, Sara Sparks saw a chance for her company to give back to the children at Cornerstone. Leading Ladies of Applied (LLA) sponsored a toy donation drive this fall.

Read more about their incredible donation to the centers at Cornerstone by clicking here.

Usborne Books Donation

Our library has expanded by over 70 books! Michelle Mouser and Usborne Books & More representative Samantha Ooley organized this donation of $1,000 worth of books to Cornerstone Autism Center.

We could not be more grateful!

Autism Grant Donation

We want to thank Cody Locke and the nursing students from the Collaborate practice class at IUPUC for including us in your project this semester! The grant you received to donate elopement bracelets and weighted blankets will benefit children with autism in our community.


Thank you to these staff members for Maximizing Those Who Struggle, Embracing Those Who Love and Fulfilling Those Who Serve.

Craig Campbell, Maintenance Technician My favorite thing about working around the kiddos at Cornerstone is their fascination with tools! I love when they ask me what a certain tool is called or how something around the center works! Their curiosity about the process of fixing broken things makes me look differently at my work and appreciate the skills that I possess!

The best memories at Cornerstone are all the times I’ve returned a broken toy. You can feel the happiness and excitement when they get their toy hammer repaired or their Hulk figure gets his head put back on. I cherish those moments of joy when I see how much they appreciate my repair services!

I’d like to someday become a personal organizer and open my own business helping people sort through their chaos! At a young age, I found that organizing and sorting came very natural to me. I become so focused on the task of tidying and finding the perfect place for something that hours become minutes. It’s almost therapeutic for me. The satisfaction of a neatly organized room is all the payment I would need. I’d even organize someone’s garage for free! (Shhh! Don’t tell that to my future clients!)

Day to day, I draw inspiration from music and lyrics. I feel as though the right song can do incredible things! I find that I’m most creative and focused when I have music filling my ears. Whether I’m highly motivated or feeling a little distracted, I can typically find the right song to fit any occasion. I’ve also found that in times of hardship, lyrics of triumph and resilience can give us unbelievable strength.

Charlotte Williamson, BCBA In my free time, I like to do CrossFit. I also spend time with family, friends and my golden retriever. Since working at Cornerstone, I accomplished my dreams of getting my masters degree and becoming a BCBA.

My favorite part about working at Cornerstone is being a part of a supportive family that shares a goal to maximize the lives of children with autism.

I am amazed by the kids I work with. Seeing their desire to discover the world around them inspires me.

My favorite memories include the moments where I have become the BCBA for clients whom I once was their ABA therapist. It has been such a rewarding journey being a part of the progress they have made.


Zoe Brown, ABA Therapist I enjoy watching TV with my husband and hanging out with family and friends. I love working at Cornerstone because the environment is so great! Everyone is so kind and the kids are the absolute sweetest.

I volunteer in the nursery at Calvary Chapel Church in Danville. I am passionate about it because it gives me a chance to love on the kids and teach them about Jesus.

My mom is my inspiration. She is the kindest, gentlest person I have ever known. I strive to be more like her every day.

My favorite memory at Cornerstone so far is when my morning client waved independently for the very first time!

Christmas Gift Ideas from an Autism Mom

“Through the years, I’ve had success using the websites below and buying several of the gifts on this list. I’ve found that the best gifts are usually encompassing something my child likes in addition to something that will help him with growing his language, fulfilling his sensory needs or improving his motor skills.

I hope these quick ideas will help make your holiday shopping easy and successful!”

Read the entire blog by Rachelle Vaughn here.




Tips for the Transition from ABA to School

When a new year begins, we know some families with children graduating from ABA services will be experiencing a new transition from ABA to school. One of our BCBAs created a few slides with steps you can follow if a transition is in the near future.

Click here to view the slides.

Slides created by BCBA and Director of Quality Assurance, Angie Robbins




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