Behavior Consultation

All of the kids whom we serve in an intensive format also receive the service of Behavior Consultation.  This comes in the form of observation, creation, and guidance of the child’s individualized programming.  The team lead will also hold parent meetings to discuss progress, ensure consistency in the approach that is used at home, and to address any questions or concerns that the parent has that may be related to environments other than our center.  Where it’s appropriate this consultation may extend to observation and treatment in other environments such as the home or community.

It is also the case that some children who do not need intensive in-center treatment would benefit from brief consultation.  This consultation may be to create or monitor a behavior treatment plan at home or in a school setting.  The focus of consultation may also be on modeling an approach for caregivers or it may be on parent training.  Consultation is as individualized as our in center intensive treatment approach.  If you feel consultation services would be of benefit to you or your child please call to discuss potential options.