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December 10, 2014 - Sheila Carney

Autism and the Ability to Recognize Faces

According to the Dana Foundation, up to two-thirds of people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder have difficulty recognizing the faces of people they interact with on a daily basis.1 The medical term for this condition… Read More »

December 10, 2014, Sheila Carney

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November 24, 2014 - Morgan McClellan

Cornerstone Columbus is #ThankfulBecause…

The kitchen smelled of turkey and pumpkin as the Columbus staff and kiddos gathered around for a “Friendsgiving” lunch. They shared recipes, stories and laughter with one another while taking in all they have accomplished… Read More »

November 24, 2014, Morgan McClellan

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October 3, 2014 - Morgan McClellan

Kiddo Corner: Kevin is ‘Full of Life’

Kevin quietly sits at his desk in the galaxy room, beaming and asking for cuddles in sign language. His therapist, Hannah Walton, has been with him four months and said she looks forward to working… Read More »

October 3, 2014, Morgan McClellan

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