Rachel’s Story

Where Rachel Started

Rachel started attending therapy at Cornerstone in August of 2018. When Rachel first started at Cornerstone, she wasn’t interested in many social interactions with her peers, and her scheduled group time often led to behaviors.

Rachel also often engaged in maladaptive behaviors to avoid brushing her hair and completing other self-help routines. Rachel had frequent maladaptive behaviors when she became upset and didn’t know how to cope with her emotions.

How Rachel Improved

After receiving ABA therapy at Cornerstone, Rachel began choosing to play with her peers and was in our transitional classroom for most of the day without engaging in any major disruptive behaviors. Rachel has even joined a dance class and loves showing her new moves to her friends!

She can also now fully complete a morning routine that involves washing her face, brushing her hair, and brushing her teeth independently and without behaviors. She can also apply “Superflexible Thinking” to challenging situations to help manage her emotions and work through difficult situations that come up in daily life.

“We are so proud of Rachel for all of the progress she has made in such a short time and are so excited for her to continue to grow and learn at school. We have never met a little girl with such a big imagination. We will miss her sweet smile and laughter so much,” said Victoria Good, MA, BCBA.

Rachel will start kindergarten this year, and we know she will thrive in her this new chapter of her story!

You can watch her graduation slideshow at this link: