Joshua’s Story

Where Joshua Started

Joshua started coming to Cornerstone Autism Center on August 29, 2016, when he was only four. He is now eight and has grown so much!  He has made tremendous progress in the four years that he has been at the center. When Joshua first began attending Cornerstone, he was experiencing significant problems in his home, school, and public environments.  Joshua could only communicate verbally using approximately fifteen words. He had difficulty communicating his wants, needs, or feelings. Joshua had difficulty with self-help skills like dressing himself and brushing his teeth.

How Joshua Improved

Joshua has mastered 2,496 targets since starting at Cornerstone in 2016. He is now in second grade, and he is transitioning to full day! While at Cornerstone, he has flown through areas of social play, communication, labeling, matching, and self-help skills.  Joshua can complete a majority of the steps to dressing himself with limited prompts. He can help with dishes and make the bed.

Joshua now has a vast vocal repertoire and is able to navigate his augmentative alternative communication device (AAC device) to communicate his needs. He learned how to read while at Cornerstone and has also learned new skills within writing and mathematics. Joshua is a pro at navigating electronics and he could often be seen around the center listening to Frozen, Minions, or Pocahontas, or he might be shouting “Waahoo” while playing Mario Kart on the Wii.

“Joshua is a sweet, compassionate, silly, and smart kiddo that will shine in a school setting,” says Sarah Glenn, MA, BCBA.

Cornerstone will miss his infections laughter and his kind family. We wish Joshua and his family all the best in this next adventure!

Watch his full graduation video here: