Frontline Focus: Who is at the front desk?

February 11, 2016 - Morgan McClellan

Frontline Focus: Who is at the front desk?

Have you ever wondered who interacted with you when you first called or stepped into our Columbus, Greenwood and West Lafayette centers? Have you had moments of curiosity about what this person does and how this employee stepped into his or her role? Some of your questions will be answered after reading this blog!

Columbus – Rachelle Vaughn, Administrative Assistant

Hello, my name is Rachelle and I’m the Administrative Assistant in Columbus. I started rachelleworking as the Administrative Assistant in January 2016. My son, Layden, has attended
therapy at Cornerstone in Greenwood since April 2013. I fell in love with Cornerstone that day because of the way they have welcomed our family so warmly, the way they care for and teach my son, and everything that the company stands for as a whole. I can’t think of a more fulfilling place to work.

Being new to this position, I’m still learning as I go. However, so far, I’d say that a lot of my time has been spent interacting with individuals from the community and interested families, giving them information and relevant resources. That’s in addition to answering phones, replying to emails, contacting families and keeping inventory of the center supplies. Basically, my job is take care of all the center related items, so that the therapists, leads and our Clinical Director can focus solely on the kiddos and their therapy.

In the short time I’ve worked here, I’ve really enjoyed the few times that I’ve been able to use my involvement as not only a mother of a son with autism, but as a mother of a Cornerstone client, to help other families. Since my son is a little older than most of the clients at my center (in Columbus), when a parent asks me a question or needs assistance finding resources, I’m usually able to help because more often than not, I’ve been in the same position too at some point.

The cool part about this particular position is we get to experience all three pillars of the mission statement. We are a regular point of contact with the families, we interact with the clients each day –sometimes taking part in their programming, and we get the awesome task of caring for the needs of our therapists – answering questions, ordering scrubs, and ordering supplies.

Greenwood – Ashton Everett, Center Manager

Hi! My name is Ashton and in February of 2013 I transitioned from being a therapist to working as Greenwood’s Center Manager. My background is in Teaching – Special ashton-deskEducation. I heard about Cornerstone while working in a school district close by. I was new to the area and did not have any experience in ABA, but was very interested. I fell in love with Cornerstone during my interview.

Each day is a little different, which I really like! I answer incoming calls and direct to the appropriate staff members, help answer staff questions, on-board new staff, create the welcome packets for new families, order supplies for the center, help resolve IT issues … just to name a few! I especially love getting visits from our kiddos.

I love being able to support the families, kiddos and staff. I miss the one-on-one time with kiddos, but still love that I get to see them each day! I also enjoy the multi-tasking and new excitement each day.

These are some of the ways my role helps me be a part of Cornerstone’s mission to maximize those who struggle, embrace those who love and fulfill those who serve:
Maximize: I am able to order new therapy materials and help kiddos with programs. Embrace: I get to communicate frequently with the families and try my best to help get resources and questions answered. Fulfill: I try to be available to staff and answer questions or concerns they have.

Greenwood – Megan Sharrett, Administrative Support

Hi, my name is Megan and I started as Administrative Support at the front desk with Ashton on August 25, 2014. When graduation was only a few months away, I started applying for jobs. I knew that I wanted to megan swork with children, but wasn’t sure in what form. From the moment I walked into the center, I loved it. I knew this was where I wanted to work. I started as a therapist then moved to work at the desk a few months later when I started graduate school. I work at the desk 2 and a half days every week. Each day is different. I order lunch for staff, make chore lists for staff to help keep the center clean and organized, answer and transfer phone calls, give information about Cornerstone to perspective families, help with payroll and other things that come up! I love that I still get to see the kids and that each day is different. I love getting to do a lot of “behind the scenes” things that help out Cornerstone. I feel my role plays a part in the mission statement in many ways:

Maximize those who struggle – The kids come to the desk in need of new batteries for their toys, requests for items, tickles, and many other things.

Embrace those who love – Working at the desk means that you are often the first person families speak to when reaching out to receive information about the center. I love getting to tell them all the great things about Cornerstone, and then sending their calls to Vicki who can set up a tour.

Fulling those who serve – Staff members will come to the desk when they have items that need to be ordered, when they have questions about payroll, when they want to order lunch, etc. I love helping them out in any way I can.

West Lafayette – Greg Jones, Center Manager

Hello, my name is Greg jones, and I am the Center Manager at the West Lafayette Cornerstone Autism Center. I started this position in August, 2015, but I have beengreg-desk a part of Cornerstone since January, 2012. All of my adult life I have enjoyed working with children in a variety of settings. I have been a camp counselor, youth pastor, house parent, and both direct care and case manager with juvenile delinquents. 8 years ago I began working with children with autism and it seemed like everything I had ever done finally came together and I was able to do the kind of work I’d always wanted to do! I only wish that I had discovered ABA therapy earlier in my career. At 43 years old, I began to realize that climbing on jungle gyms, sitting on the floor, and sitting in tiny children’s chairs was not something that I was going to be able to do for the next 20 years. Ken approached me about taking on the role of Center Manager and I decided quickly that this was something I COULD do for the rest of my career, AND I would still get to work with the amazing children, families, and staff of Cornerstone Autism Center! I am doing a lot of things that I NEVER thought I would do: ordering supplies for an ever increasing group of adults and children, creating program materials, working with volunteers, tracking attendance and tardiness for staff and clients, answering phone calls, refilling paper towels holders, as well as just about anything else that needs done around the center. My two FAVORITE job responsibilities are watching kids while their therapists take a quick break, and giving tours to prospective families. When I receive a phone call from a prospective clients’ parents, I love talking to them and answering their questions; but when I get them to come tour our center I get to help them imagine THEIR child benefiting from ALL the marvelous therapy that goes on here! When I am giving tours I get to brag about: our founders, our clinical staff, our AMAZING therapists, and most of all our SUCCESS stories! As a therapist I was able to work with so many amazing kiddos, and some of them have gone on to continued success in a traditional classroom setting! That’s EXCITING to me and I love being able to give these new parents some hope.

I feel like I play a vital role in assuring that all three aspects of our mission statement are carried out. Not to brag, but I am a “fan favorite” of a lot of the kids here, and my time as a therapist gave me the tools to “Maximize” the little bit of time that I get with the kids. I also understand the joys AND struggles our therapists face and I am able to encourage them so they feel “Fulfilled” in their time here. As I stated earlier, “Embracing” the parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members has been the biggest surprise for me. It is impossible to have a bad day when I get to see parents’ initial fear and apprehension over their child’s struggle turn into joy and hope about their child’s future.

WLOpenHouse-12.17.15-33Cornerstone Autism Center is a great family to be a part of as well as a great place to work. Throughout my adult life and variety of experiences, I have never felt as valued as I have here at Cornerstone. Not only do they want the best for me Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 3:30, they want me to be fulfilled in my personal goals outside of work. In my time at Cornerstone I have lost 70 pounds, completed my first century ride, and finished my first album of original songs. The support from Cornerstone has played A HUGE ROLL in seeing those goals accomplished. The encouragement I received from David Ide is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. The ongoing encouragement from Debbie, Ken, Megan Deyoung, and ALL of my coworkers is what keeps me going every day. Whether as an employee, a parent, or volunteer: come be a part of Cornerstone!


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February 11, 2016, Morgan McClellan

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