ABA 101: Systematic Desensitization

August 31, 2020 - Kathryn Kintner, MA, BCBA

ABA 101: Systematic Desensitization

By Kathryn Kintner, MA, BCBA

We all have certain things that we like and don’t like. For individuals with autism, their dislike of certain events can keep them from experiencing common activities or getting basic needs met. In this webinar, will discuss how desensitization programs can help individuals with autism tolerate and even enjoy situations they would normally try to avoid.

Through the implementation of systematic desensitization programs, an individual receives reinforcement for appropriate responses to broken down steps of a specific activity or task until, ultimately, the individual is able to participate in that activity or task without challenging behaviors.

Desensitization programs can be used for a variety of different behaviors including, but not limited to getting a haircut, brushing teeth, tolerating loud areas/sounds for a specific period of time, going to the dentist or doctor, taking medicine, consuming healthy foods, etc. Slowly building up a tolerance to these aversive situations will assist in an individual’s ability to participate in their environment and/or maintain a healthy lifestyle/habits and improve their quality of life without the activity remaining aversive.

Here at Cornerstone our team of experts work diligently to help our families learn how to handle various social situations that may occur in the community. With a little time and hard work, our clients can discover a new world of possibilities that they may not have had before.

You can watch the full webinar at this link. For more information or resources on this topic please visit our resources page.

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August 31, 2020, Kathryn Kintner, MA, BCBA

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