Cornerstone’s Best-In-Class Training for ABA Therapists

December 9, 2020 - Mary Dant, MA, BCBA

Cornerstone’s Best-In-Class Training for ABA Therapists

By Mary Dant, MA, BCBA and Training Coordinator

A new job can be overwhelming for anyone, but here at Cornerstone Autism Center, we aim to make the transition into a new company as seamless as possible.  After an applicant completes the interview process and receives a job offer, Cornerstone Autism Center provides extensive training for each new hire.

During the initial 40-hour training week, each new hire is provided with a training binder full of information about the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and specific information related to Cornerstone’s services.  Staff are also greeted by training coordinators, center managers, and the HR manager.  After introducing themselves and getting to know a little more about each other, the HR Manager talks with each employee about the Cornerstone handbook, policies and procedures, and employee benefits.

Once the HR Manager completes their portion, each employee begins the training process with the training coordinators.  A Cornerstone PowerPoint is provided to each employee within their training binder that allows them to follow along, section by section, to learn the ins and outs of this field.  Starting with lecture-based learning, the training coordinators introduce the new hires to the field of ABA.  Terms and definitions are discussed, followed by allowing the new hires the opportunity to witness what they are learning firsthand.  Each new employee spends anywhere between 5-10 hours of their first week shadowing therapists and clients, in order to better understand the information they are learning during the lecture. The training department also incorporates role play into the training, providing them a chance to practice the skills they are learning during the initial training week.

Each day, the training department reviews the information taught the previous day, to make sure the new hires have a grasp on the concepts being taught.  Toward the end of the initial training week, a final review is conducted of all the topics that have been covered thus far.  This review helps the new employees prepare for the final exam, given on the last day of training week.  This exam prepares each employee to take their Registered Behavior Technician Exam in the future.

Each new employee is also given the opportunity to be featured on the Cornerstone website. Our Marketing Department meets with the new hires individually and photographs them to help showcase their personalities, both through a fun photo and short blurb written about them on our team’s page.

Cornerstone believes it is important to acknowledge the dreams and goals of their staff, and they do so through the Dream Manager Program. New hires have the opportunity to meet with the Clinical Director and Chief Clinical Officer, to discuss any personal dreams or goals they may have. Each center has a Dream Manager who facilitates the program and allows the staff to share their dreams and accomplishments with their fellow staff members.

Once the initial training week concludes, each new employee will continuously be supported by the training department, team leads, and Board Certified Behavior Analysts.  The initial training week is just the beginning of their life-long learning in this specialized and rewarding field.

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December 9, 2020, Mary Dant, MA, BCBA

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