One-Of-A-Kind Programs at CAC

July 16, 2022 - Marissa Hendrickson

One-Of-A-Kind Programs at CAC

Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Marissa Hendrickson

Some people may see someone coloring as any other activity, but for an individual with A.S.D., doodling can help them develop new skills without even realizing they are learning them!

The three skills that people with autism can develop by coloring are Imaginative Play Skills, Independent Skills, and Fine Motor Skills.

Imaginative Play Skills

Imaginative play, or make-believe as it is sometimes referred to, occurs when a child role-plays experiences of interest, such as playing ‘school’ with their toys. Children may engage in imaginative play alone or with others.

Some examples of Imaginative Play Skills are putting a doll to sleep, spinning in an office chair, and using a cardboard box to turn it into a spaceship.

Independent Skills

Independent Skills are skills that an individual needs to perform activities of daily tasks. They will work independently on these tasks without an adult prompting them to stay on task. Coloring is a great leisure skill and a foundational block for writing, an important life skill.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills are the ability to make movements using the small muscles in our hands and wrists so a child can grasp, hold, grip, and pinch. Fine motor skills help to increase play and social skills, as well as attention and eye contact. The ability to imitate small motor movements will help set the stage for developing several skills such as self-help, eating, drawing, writing, connecting, assembling, etc. A few examples of Fine Motor Skills are picking up food, holding a pencil, buttoning a shirt, and finger painting.

This is one program that brings out Cornerstone’s one-of-a-kind clients’ inner artists!

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July 16, 2022, Marissa Hendrickson

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