Yoshiya Yamakawa, ABA Therapist

Yoshiya Yamakawa

ABA Therapist

Yoshi was born in Japan and has lived in five states in the United States. He came to Indiana to complete his bachelor’s at Purdue University. Although he originally studied cyber security, he realized a passion for health and medicine during college. As such, his goal is now to become a doctor. While he still struggles with the Indiana climate, Cornerstone has become a fantastic home for him!

Perhaps Yoshi is a big homebody from all the moving he did in childhood. He loves nothing more than to lounge at home with his cat (Moody) and dog (Luna). Yoshi loves to play video games (mainly Pokémon and open-world RPGs) and strategy board games like Shogi in his free time. He is also a big fan of Acapella music, as he has been a part of his school choir for many years.

Aside from becoming a doctor, Yoshi dreams to own a big house by the coast, complete with a library, movie theatre, and hidden rooms!