Rachel Rayman, Therapist

Rachel Rayman


Rachel is known for her crazy hair, silliness and being the crazy dog mom. Rachel’s favorite TV show is The Office, and she often finds herself looking off into the camera as if she were on the show herself. Rachel loves peacocks, and says that they are her spirit animal. She lives by the saying, “Be a peacock because they are most beautiful when they show their true feathers!”

Although she does not having any human children of her own, Rachel does have 2 dogs named Guster and Bear that she calls her sons. She also has a step-daughter that she can often be found getting into shenanigans with.

Rachel loves good food, and time well spent with loved ones. She would stop at nothing to help an animal in need, and she often shares many posts about pets that are lost, found and up for adoption as she believes no animal should be without their home.

Rachel is currently in school dual majoring in Education and nursing. Her dream is to always work with exceptional children.