Peyton Helton, ABA Therapist

Peyton Helton

ABA Therapist

Peyton spends his free time with his son and playing Dungeons and Dragons. He is a United States Army veteran with four years of experience as a Behavioral Health Technician. During his time in the Army, he assisted numerous fellow service members struggling with mental health diagnoses by implementing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He also wore the hat of the first responder to any mental health crisis within his Brigade. After the Army, he took a brief two-year break from the medical field and pursued many trade opportunities including, Sheet Metal and Residential Construction which allowed him to learn carpentry, basic electrical, and basic plumbing. Although Peyton enjoys the labor of working with his hands, at his heart he is a caring and compassionate man. Peyton knew he did not feel fulfilled outside of a career helping others. He currently attends American Military University and is studying for a degree in Early Childhood Development.

His long-term goal is to earn his bachelor’s degree in Education.