Lydia Shepley, ABA Therapist

Lydia Shepley

ABA Therapist

Lydia has worked with children for as long as she can remember. She has dabbled in many roles that allowed her to care for children: nanny, babysitter, Sunday school teacher, camp counselor, preschool teacher, and ABA therapist. Lydia finds it easy to connect with children and be silly alongside them. She loves being around people and making them feel seen, heard, and loved. Lydia moved to Indiana in 2020 to help establish a church in Bloomington. She loves talking with people about the Lord and having deep conversations about life. Lydia also loves reading, singing, puzzles, being creative, playing games, and watching TV/movies.

She dreams of living well for Christ and showing people his love for them. She also dreams of having a family and owning a duck.