Kathleen Leahy, Team Lead

Kathleen Leahy

Team Lead

Bachelors in Human Services, Purdue University

Kathleen enjoys a great pair of sweatpants and a night filled with Netflix. She can’t say no to a shopping date and is an avid Target customer. Her favorite vegetables are cauliflower and beets. Kathleen is terrified of heights–her palms even sweat when watching videos of skydiving! She rarely goes a day without caffeine. Iced coffee and cherry coke are her favorites. Some might say she is an avid impressionist, but she will vehemently deny this.

Her dream is to meet Sam Hunt.

Team Lead

Bachelors in Human Services, Purdue University

How has working at Cornerstone impacted you?

“It gives my life meaning and purpose. As much as I teach the kiddos, they teach me that much and more. I learn something new every day.”

What is the most inspiring part of working at Cornerstone?

“The most inspiring aspect of being a therapist is watching each kid grow and develop in their own ways. Its inspiring to watch my passionate co-workers make a difference in their kiddos lives and vice versa.”

Describe your Cornerstone experience in a sentence.

“Life changing.”