Kailyn Cox, Therapist

Kailyn Cox


Kailyn can be shy at first, until you get to know her, and then she is about as outgoing as it gets! She loves to socialize and make people laugh. She has years of experience working with children and couldn’t imagine being in any other profession. Her favorite part is seeing each child grow over time and helping them to achieve goals they have been working so hard towards.

Kailyn survives off of coffee, and she will NEVER turn down a Starbucks date. She is a mom to two miniature daschunds who are her babies (one of them even looks like a miniature golden retriever).  When not cuddling with her dogs or binge watching the newest Netflix series, Kailyn enjoys being outdoors, going to country concerts, working out at the gym and spending time with her loved ones. In the summer months, you are most likely to find her at the lake with her boyfriend, wakesurfing and catching sun rays.

Her dream one day is to have a family and travel the world.