Jordyn Francis, ABA Therapist

Jordyn Francis

ABA Therapist

Jordyn can seem shy at first, but once you see her break through that bubble, you will see her for her very loving, caring heart. She has always had a giant heart for others and puts herself second.

Jordyn loves interacting and being around children. Her whole life was revolved around playing sports (soccer and basketball). She played soccer at the collegiate level and carried that over to become an assistant soccer coach at Whiteland Community High School. If she is not working, you can catch her in the gym, on the field coaching, or even on the field playing on a co-ed team. Do not worry if you catch her with a different pair of shoes on her feet — she loves collecting shoes!

She enjoys being around her friends, attending country concerts, and going on adventures. At the end of the day, Jordyn hopes to have impacted those around her.

Her dream is to travel out West and take on many different hiking experiences.